Are you feeling unprepared for the future or overwhelmed in the present? Are you frustrated with the medical care you have received everywhere else you've been? Do you want better for your children's health? My goal is to change our future generations health through education and empowerment to take charge of your health starting here and now.

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Pediatric Primary Care

with dr. danielle garvin

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New Patient visit: $450
Established Patient Visit: $225

You want to stay proactive and identify potential concerns before they become a real problem.

You love celebrating all your kids milestones and want to know their growth and development is on track

You hope to find a doctor who will provide holistic recommendations in all aspects of life and health.

You need a doctor who respects your decisions, understanding you know your child best.

These services are ideal for you if:

I know it can be overwhelming, but just think about how much your child changes between the day they are born and 18 years of age. So it makes sense that you will probably need/want some support and guidance along the way.

These visits follow the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and include appointments at: newborn(3-5 days old), 2-weeks, 1-month, 2-months, 4-months, 6-months, 9-months, 12-months, 15-months, 18-months, 24-months, 2.5 years (finally done with the months thing), 3 years, and then every year after until 18 years of age.

Wellness exams allow us to be proactive and prevent small concerns from becoming bigger problems. You will gain insight into your child's growth and development. You get a chance to discuss any concerns you may have. Routine blood work is ordered regularly and as needed for additional concerns. Vaccines can be administered during these visits as desired. Please remember informed shared decision making will always be encouraged and supported.

Were you aware of how many times kids need to go to the doctor?

Pediatric Wellness

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First full year for $1850

You aim to connect with a provider to feel truly cared for and supported during one of the most challenging years in parenting.

You want to stay proactive, identify potential concerns before they become a real problem, and ensure baby's growth and development is always right on track.

You desire a well laid out plan and discounts, giving you a few less things to worry about.

This package is ideal for you if:

This helps us to understand why that first year of life is so critical for a babies growth and development to be closely monitored. I created this package of wellness exams to help relieve some of the stress busy newborn parents feel in the first year of life. The newborn to one year wellness package includes 8 wellness exams (as listed under pediatric wellness above) between birth and 12 months of age. You will receive all additional services throughout that year at a discounted rate.

You will have 24/7 access to your provider through an online patient portal and by phone for emergencies (you will want this when their first fever pops up at 9 pm, trust me). You also receive an additional 10% off supplements through my online medicinaries, who will ship supplements straight to your house in 2 days (but quality control is better than those other guys).

Your baby's brain will be 60% of its adult size by the time they turn one!

Newborn to One Year Wellness Package

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10 months for $1290

You're seeking a holistic approach to your child's care and wellness visits are a priority to you

You're midwife will be providing newborn care up until 6 weeks of age, but you need a provider you connect with to take over after them.

You didn't find out about Nurturing Wellness Clinic before your baby was born, but you still want the benefits of the newborn wellness package.

This package is ideal for you if:

Many of the families that join my practice have chosen to seek midwifery care for the pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  In Arizona, midwives are licensed to perform newborn care up until 6 weeks of life.  That means you may not need to establish care until 2 months of age, but are still interested in all the remaining well visits.

You will receive all the benefits of the newborn to one wellness package listed above, except your package will begin at 2 months of age.  Don't worry, you can also utilize this package even if you didn't have a midwife but found Nurturing Wellness Clinic later on.

Are you receiving midwifery care for the first 6 weeks, but still looking for a primary care physician after?

Infant Wellness Package

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This service is ideal for you if:

New patient: $450-550
Established patient: $300-400

You are overwhelmed by the decision to vaccinate, want to learn more, but don't know where to turn

Your previous providers have never taken time to explain the complexities around vaccines

You are anxious about the routinely recommended schedule and need guidance in creating an alternative schedule that you feel confident about

You can expect to review your child's personal/family medical history, current state of health, and perform risk assessment during this visit. You will gain factual information on each vaccine as we review the CDC's routine vaccine schedule. You will be provided the opportunity to ask any questions in a judgement free space. You will leave feeling informed and capable of making the best decision for your child. Once you decide which vaccines (if any) are most important to your family, recommendations on an alternative schedule will be given based on our collective discussion.

Indecisive about giving your child vaccines, especially when no one will answer your questions?

Vaccine Consultations

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Pricing varies based on
time and complexity: $75-225

You are fed-up with receiving the same unhelpful advice every time your child gets sick.

You know medications may have a place, but your child's body is strong and efficient to overcome illness with the right support.

You want to be informed on natural options to have ready next time they come home with the sniffles.

This service is ideal for you if:

We all know kids get sick, a lot. And when they're really little, maybe even too young to tell you what hurts, is the most terrifying of all. You know taking them to the doctor will likely just lead to "it's just a virus, there's nothing we can do" or "here's an antibiotic that will now add diarrhea to your list of concerns". These aren't exactly enticing you to take them in. Naturopathic medicine allows us to support them in so many ways when they are sick. You will quickly realize things as simple as supplements, homeopathy, herbs, and even saline can change the course of an illness dramatically.

Ever Googled "when is a fever too high" in the middle of the night?

Pediatric Acute Illness Visits

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Frustrated with traditional medicine only treating you after you're ill.  Nurturing Wellness Clinic is focused on preventative medicine, taking a holistic, in-depth approach to you and your child's wellness. You deserve to feel heard, understood, taken seriously, and supported. I may not be able to make parenting any easier, but how else can I help?

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